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The Annual Between Women Benefit, normally scheduled for Saturday, September 25th each year, will be held this year on Saturday, September 18th, 2004 at the Barbara Worth Convention Center in Holtville, California.  The benefit hours are 11:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M.  The theme is "Right Choices Take Time."   For attendance tickets and sponsorship information please telephone: (760) 351-1774 or send a Fax to: (760)351-1746 -or- email Between Women .    Please Join Us. ***   Click here to read more details of the event's schedule, sponsors, and speaker.

Between Women
Our Mission is to Contribute to the Eradication of Breast
Cancer In Our Lifetime, Through Awareness and Education

Senator Feinstein and Bailey's Breast Cancer Research Stamp Project supported by Y-ME and other related organizations

    Board of Directors:
  •   Linda Cady , Founder and President
  •   Barbara Laughrin, Vice President
  •   Barbara Dahm, Secretary/Treasurer
  •   Laurie Vandergriff, Director, Teen Program
  •   Yolanda Smith, R.N., Director, Comadre Program
  •   George Barboza, R.N., Assistant to Comadre Program
  •   Rita Cortez, Patient Services
  •   Dr. Hasnat Ahmed, Medical Advisor
  •   Dr. Ramon Rodriquez, Medical Advisor
  •   Dr. Fred Saleh, Medical Advisor
  •   Kirk Stewart, Board Member
  •   Rick Johnson , Board Member
Mail Address & Phone Numbers:
Between Women
P.O. Box 1225
Brawley, Ca 92227
  Voice:  (760) 351-1774
  Fax:  (760)351-1746
  eMail:  BetweenWomen at

Between Women is the only advocacy, educational and support organization in California's Imperial Valley devoted exclusively to breast health.  We provide support services for local women undergoing treatment for breast cancer and are dedicated to promoting awareness and education about the disease throughout the community.  Members also advocate with legislators for better laws for breast cancer patients.

History: Between Women was founded in 1997 by Linda Cady and a group of local women to promote breast cancer awareness through education and support for Imperial Valley women and their families.  The first accomplishment of this group was to organize an annual luncheon and fashion show featuring models who were all breast cancer survivors. Two hundred forty people attended on September 27, 1997.  On September 26, 1998, 408 attended the Second Annual Between Women Luncheon and Fashion Benefit.  In the Spring of 1999 and 2000, Between Women sponsored an educational workshop at Imperial Valley College.
Between Women is an IRS.501(e)3 non-profit organization.
For Information:
Call during our office hours which are 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. to:
(760) 351-1774 or Fax: (760) 351-1746.
Regular monthly "Open Door Meetings" are held at 306 West Trail Street, Brawley, California. Meeting hours are between 5:30 PM to 6:45 PM. Special guests will be at the next several meetings, including: Arturo Rodriques teaching Ti Chi exercises, Susan Leonard, Manager of Y-ME San Diego Health Programs.   For Information:   Call between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. to:  (760) 351-1774 or Fax: (760) 351-1746.

And, in August of 1999, Between Women affiliated with the 'Y-ME' National Breast Cancer Support Organization y en Español. This has allowed access to hotline training, referrals, and the benefit of a direct link with a nationally recognized support network for women with breast cancer.
~ ~ ~
Previous sponsors of the Annual Between Women Fashion Benefit include:
A&R Construction; Amgen; Astra Zeneca; J.M. DeForest, Inc.; Donald M. Ehman, M.D.; El Centro Regional Medical Center; El Don; John Flammang; Green Valley Farms; Griggs Trucking; Charles Humphrey, M.D; Imperial Irrigation Distict; Imperial Valley Family Care Medical Group; Kahn Farms; Medical Oncology of San Diego; Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District.
Between Women
Imperial Valley - Mexicali
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Remember: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month - In Remembrance, A Poem

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